Lovely Island Ibiza it’s also and above all an young and dynamic job opportunity facing to young people prepared to the public relations and promotions.
The working time hours are coherently walking in step with the rhythms of the island and the atmosphere is simply dynamic, multiethnic, unique and familiar.

Carlo Canneva (Ex Sales Manager Bermuda Ibiza and CEO/Founder with Ercan Maurovich of Lovely Island Ibiza ) says :

I started as PartyPromoter 7 years ago here in Ibiza and in my first day of practice on the beach I realized that this would be the job of my life.
Working in a context like ours you have the possibility to get in contact for a full summer season ( or for a part of it ) with young people coming from every single corner of the world and to share with them unique emotions, enriching your cultural background with an experience that probably will be one of the most important of your life. eloquence, property of language and self-confidence are just same of the skills that you will amplified in the direct contact with the customers. Lovely Island Ibiza is the best opportunity to spend an indelible experience out of any conventional contest, living simply in a dream, developing greater self-confidence with excellent earnings for those who really want to do.

The job offer is open from May till October, and the hiring procedures it’s running to choose the future PartyPromoters that will be part of our Team of public relations for this upcoming summer.

If you are between 18 ai 35 years old and would you like a great work experience foreign, or are you looking for a dynamics work. Send to us you CV with some you pictures attached to:

Someone will reaply soon with any information.